Five Potatoes

“Five,” she muttered while staring at the potatoes she held in her hands. How can we survive the coming winter? I doubt we’ll even make it through the week. The middle-aged woman who looked older than her years slumped in the creaky chair in her bare kitchen. Her fear of the future, like a thick, … Continue reading

This Pinay voting from Uncle Sam’s land

While at the hotel reception desk in Makati during our recent weeklong visit from the US, a white guy made small talk with my husband, another white guy. The stranger said, “I’m happy to be flying out on Saturday. These foreigners are idiots.” It took an incredible amount of self-control for me not to grab … Continue reading

Five Random Things to Tell Americans about the Philippines

Every once in a while, Daren and I would listen to 80s music in the car. We’d have fun guessing the title and artist of the song and even sing together, never mind that we occasionally suffer from lyrics-iosis (a completely made-up disease affecting one’s ability to remember the right words to a song). Yesterday … Continue reading

The Whiny Prophet Who Always Said No

When I get to heaven, I will have all eternity to strike up conversations with famous Bible characters and ask them everything I’ve been wondering about since I first read their stories. “Samson, before Delilah cut your hair in your sleep, how did you keep you hair healthy and strong?” “Noah, what was the hardest … Continue reading