The Whiny Prophet Who Always Said No

When I get to heaven, I will have all eternity to strike up conversations with famous Bible characters and ask them everything I’ve been wondering about since I first read their stories. “Samson, before Delilah cut your hair in your sleep, how did you keep you hair healthy and strong?” “Noah, what was the hardest … Continue reading

Cereal and rice for breakfast (and my post-honeymoon thoughts)

After a week of eating sandwiches, leftovers, and one time, ice cream, for breakfast at Hilton Head, this morning I was back to my first love: rice with Spam and scrambled egg. Right next to me was my husband, Daren, who devoured spoonful after spoonful of his Honey Nut Cheerios swimming in milk. No tug … Continue reading

On writing and waiting

I regularly get calls from people who want us to publish their book. They must have been scanning a directory or googling “Publishers in the Philippines,” and our name, OMF Lit, comes up. Most of the people I talk to are eager to see their work in print. The first line to me usually goes, … Continue reading

Run for your life

My fling with running (well, more like brisk walking) has started again. Last Friday, I and three officemates drove to PhilSports arena to join the scores of joggers and fitness enthusiasts whose idea of a good time on a Friday night is sweating away stress. While skyping with Daren tonight and telling him about our … Continue reading


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