Two Questions

I got tagged!

So here I am, keeping my word to Karina ( answering the two questions she asked, which incidentally, she thoughtfully answered herself. I told her we had a few things in common, and in the next few sentences, she is about to find out.

What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around wants to go out and play? (I take this question to mean activities which I do on my own, without the participation of any other human being)

Reading. If I were marooned on an island and I had 50 books with me, it’ll be on the 51st day when I will start gathering wood to make fire and send smoke signals.
Sleeping. I am not an insomniac but I usually sleep late (Huh? Here’s the difference: Insomniacs “can’t” sleep, while I, when my mind is still alert and my body can cope, “won’t” sleep. That is, until I am able to do every single thing I fancy). But I make up for my sleep-deprived days during weekends and extended vacations. And when I am able to do this, I savor every minute of it, like a bear hibernating in a cave for months. And during these times I could confirm that I really like to sleep.
Writing. Given the inspiration (or the deadline), I could get lost in my writing. Case in point: This post. I should be going home by now. . . but hey, I’m having my “dessert (see March 17 post).”

What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

Chocolates.When I’m depressed or tired, I try to make myself feel better by eating chocolates. Not too long ago, after a particularly tiring day at work, I just had to buy Kitkat to appease myself. I immediately unwrapped it as soon as I was seated on the bus. I rode the bus in Boni, took my first bite in Guadalupe, and by the time the bus loaded passengers along EDSA-Buendia, the chocolate was gone.
Two kids.
Pong and Robyn. My 4 and 2-year-old nephews, respectively, calm me. Wait, let me restate that. My nephews, when they are not hanging precipitously from our stairs or standing by the edge of the bed, calm me.
Silence. I rarely rattle off complaints or causes of my anxiety. Silence to me is therapeutic as I take stock of what is happening around me and inside me. It works everytime. But let me add that it’s not just silence per se. It’s being silent and talking to God. And I’m discovering that I need not be in my room to enjoy these times of solitude and communion with God. I could be crossing a busy street yet still feel that God is as near me as when I am all by myself.

Thanks, Karina, for this game of tag–21st century, tech-savvy, literary style.:-)

8 Responses to “Two Questions”
  1. Ruben says:

    Hi Beng, this is nice. Chocolates pala ha. 🙂 I’ll remember that next time I visit OMF LIt.

  2. Nechie says:

    Hey beng, i realize we both turn to chocolates as stress-relievers. hehe. We should have that girl talk part two at Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar (if our budgets permit). =)

  3. Beng says:

    Hi Ruben, thanks. But shouldn’t I be the one who should give you something since you just celebrated your birthday? 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

  4. Beng says:

    Hi Nechie, haven’t been there yet. Sure! (Though honestly, any chocolate is good enough for me.) Looking forward to GT2 🙂

  5. kars says:

    thanks for writing about those questions….

    i think, i’ll pass by robinson’s to get a bar of Toblerone.. “,)

    … i remember receiving a bag of little M & Ms from my uncle. I gathered my friends and we talked while I was nibbling the red and green ones… “,)

  6. Beng says:

    Hi Karina,

    For you, it’s Toblerone! 🙂 But you know,I think most girls really like chocolate. Haven’t met any girl yet who doesn’t like eating chocolates. A bar of chocolate (whether it’s Kitkat–for me, or Toblerone, for you)is the ultimate comfort food, joining the ranks of ice cream and cake.

    Did you hear about M&M’s offering personalized candies? You can make them print any letter and use any color/s you like.

  7. mom g says:

    yes, beng. kitkat works… have you tried licking the chocolate first before eating the wafer? try it sometimes. That’s what i do, as i watch my 3 kids feast on the cadbury’s bars the hubby gives whenever i’m deppressed. well, the kids always have a way to find out where i keep my chocolates, and give their kitkats to me.

    nice to know what lowers your stress/anxiety level, but i’d love to know what increases your blood pressure. i can only guess. i miss you, beng. – gina

  8. Beng says:

    Hi Mommy Gina, Am I happy to see you drop by my blog! Haven’t tried what you said but next time I have a kitkat, I’ll try it.
    Stress sometimes increases my blood pressure, what with all the adrenaline flowing in my body. But I’m teaching myself to take things easier. I still have a lot to learn from God, though. Have you ever thought of making your own blog? Try it! Good outlet. If ever you make one, tell me. I’ll visit you and link you up. Stay beautiful. 🙂

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