If Life were a Dance

Don’t worry about what you don’t know.
Life’s a dance.
You learn as you go.

John Michael Montgomery, Life’s a Dance

I am safe, content with where I am—by the bleacher, watching, cheering others on. The fluid movements of the dancers enthrall me as I wonder how the rhythm of their bodies beautifully matches the music. The way they completely abandon their self-consciousness and capture their ten minutes of glory amazes me. The music stops; the dancers walk away.

The dance floor is now empty. As I stand to leave, a Voice calls out. “It’s your turn.” Another melody rings through the air. “It’s your song.”

It can’t be me. Ask me to watch everyday, and I will. You will find me here—right on the dot, and sit on the same spot. But me, on the dance floor? Just the thought of being warmed by the klieg lights freezes me. I can’t. Or I won’t.

But what if? What if for a moment I disrobe myself of my self-consciousness and take on the dance floor? What if I take—careful and tentative—steps, from the bleacher to the center? Sure—I might make the wrong step, trip on my own feet but what if for ten minutes failure didn’t matter?

I am now where the Voice asks me to be. I don’t immediately move and sway to the beat. I’m taking my time and feeling the music. Hoping that my feet, my arms, my body obey what my heart tells me to do. Will I ever learn to dance as gracefully as the dancers I admire? Can I risk being away from the safety of the sure and known?

The music is playing.
The dance floor, waiting to be caressed by my feet.
Life’s a dance. I will learn as I go.

*This post inspired by the challenges I’m anticipating. One of which involves me stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something new. If and when I do it, you’ll read about it–soon.

4 Responses to “If Life were a Dance”
  1. sillyserious says:

    way to go, beng! take it from a non-dancing (literally) tap-dancer 🙂

  2. Beng says:

    Thanks for encouragement, tap-dancin Aleks. Maybe you could write about “dancing” one of these days too. 🙂

  3. olbjoy says:

    hey! i am so looking forward to your “new thing”. do keep me updated so i can pray for your endeavors. 🙂

  4. Beng says:

    Thanks Olive. Nothing really major, really. Just something new I might do. Yes, will update you. 🙂

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