Planting a Legacy

I just planted a tree–well, two trees to be exact–last Saturday. Together with a third of my officemates, we embarked on a three-hour trip to San Miguel, Bulacan where we all desperately wished we had a green thumb. With a theme, “Planting Roots, Shading Generations” (a spoof of our corporate theme, “Publishing Truth. Shaping Generations.”), we broke the hard ground, dug holes, mashed soil, carried seedlings by their trunks, watered the ground, and planted mahogany and coconut seedlings.

The last time I displayed my agricultural skills was for a gardening class when I was in Grade six. If my memory serves me right, I together with my groupmates, planted tomato and okra seeds. Did our project “grow”? I can’t remember but all I know is that we passed! Now if we planted mangoes, my favorite fruit, I would have checked on our lot everyday.I am not sure how many years it’ll take for the two mahogany seedlings with my name on them to grow. But this I know, with a little help from the sun and rain and the God of all creation, not too long. I can wait. Among many roles, this booklover-cum-treeplanter is also a tree-waiter.

2 Responses to “Planting a Legacy”
  1. gina c. says:

    hi, beng. where’s the tree-planting photo? my kids love your books (gulay gang, ang batang ayaw maligo-love that bathroom photo-, etc). para na ring you read to your own children. i can say you’re close to 3:3 legacy. what’s your new book?

  2. Beng says:

    Hi Gina! Thanks for visiting. I took out the picture to make a “cleaner” page. Pero sige, I’ll see if I can put it back. No new book for me. But I’ll be thinking of a new story soon. Not for publication but maybe to join a contest. 🙂 Regards to your bright kids, especially to my inaanak! 🙂

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