Not Narnia

“I stepped into this wardrobe and was surprised to see this from the other end.”

That’s me wishfully thinking that I’m cast in the C.S. Lewis’s masterpiece-inspired movie and Narnia is where I found myself in. You won’t find the White Witch from where I am but from the previews of Narnia movie, this almost looks like it. It’s winter–when the landscape is covered in a cold white blanket.

Snowflakes, when they fall from the sky, feel like cold specks of powder. But snow, when it has settled after a few days, feels like the accumulated ice on the sides of the freezer. I’m mighty glad that it doesn’t snow in the Philippines. Many of our countrymen would freeze to death, not just because of lack of heating but lack of houses.

*This picture taken a few minutes ago is the view from the back of the house where I am staying in New Jersey.

4 Responses to “Not Narnia”
  1. olbjoy says:

    oh wow, snow.

  2. Beng says:

    🙂 Yeah. With all the ice, so this is how popsicles feel. BRRRRy cold!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Imagine a freezer with the sun inside… hmmmm…poor fish… jen :- ) i will wait for the halo-halo :- ) – jen

  4. Beng says:

    Exactly! Sige, we’ll go to Icebergs when I get back!:-)

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