Supersidetracked me


A tiny voice calls out. I turn around and see the owner of the voice: Flash Gordon himself. But how could that be when I’m nowhere near the Justice League headquarters? Instead, I’m here in the living room, in front of the computer, planning to spend a productive hour. In fact, for the past fifteen minutes or so, I was thinking (“it’s the thought that counts”)of writing and meeting my self-imposed deadline (tomorrow) for a promotional article. Now, with two superheroes a few feet away from me, can you blame me if I am held hostage by their cuteness and write about a different thing altogether?

“Superman” (aka Pong, 5) asks me to tie his cape, turns on the electric fan and simulates flying. “Flash Gordon” (aka Robyn, 3) takes off his mask; he doesn’t need his disguise around here—he’s home. It’s past eleven and I’m wondering, with a smile on my face, why did they suddenly feel the urge to don their alter-ego suits? Is there an urgent call somewhere—a building about to collapse, a fire ravaging a town? My guess: with their adrenaline still high, they heard the irresistible call of late-night adventure, and wanted to rescue themselves from boredom. And let me say, they’ve rescued themselves rather successfully.

After several minutes of flexing their mini-muscles and strutting around, the superheroes decide they’ve had enough of their powers and needed to recharge. “Flash, halika na. Akyat na tayo (C’mon now. Let’s go up).” Flash, true to his name, goes up in a flash while Superman lags behind, asks his Tita Beng to untie his cape. I figured he didn’t need it anymore because he’d rather step up the stairs than fly over it.

Now, I’m really the one who needs rescuing—from my procrastination and lack of determination. But I’m trying to ease my guilt over my non-accomplishment of my primary goal with this rationale: It’s not every night that I can write about superheroes. Supersidetracked me is just seizing the moment. 🙂

4 Responses to “Supersidetracked me”
  1. riz says:

    gona let you in on a “little” secret. 😉

    this is my routine at work. i log in, check my emails, browse through my tasks for the day. then i visit dailybread’s website and read through the devotion for the day (i deem it necessary to see my tasks first so i can lay hands on them hehe). sometimes though, the daily reading doesn’t suffice. as if i need to read/hear more encouragements. like this morning, when i feel more tired than usual–and the day is just starting, mind you.

    and then i thought, hmm.. what has msbeng has to say today on her blog? hehe. (so yes, I categorize your site under ehem, not blogfriends, but under the likes of dailybread and utmost for His highest, hehe)

    lo and behold, i read something about superheroes. :p not really the kind i was expecting (i was hoping you have another piece about martha and mary again, since i particularly feel like martha this morning, hehe), but Flash and Superman did make me smile. 🙂

    you know Nichole Nordeman’s song, I AM? 🙂

    When I was weak unable to speak,
    Still I could call You by name,
    And I said “Elbow Healer, Superhero,
    Come if You can,” and You said “I am.”

    this entry perhaps reminded people different things. but this morning, thanks to your superheroes, i was reminded me that i just have to focus more closely on MY Superhero. I’m sure He can fly me to the clouds.. i just have to let go of my heavy, wasted/tired/complaining self. hehe.

    aba, at nagblog daw ako sa comments mo. 🙂 anyway, just ranting. thanks for insightful posts, ate. God bless po. 🙂

  2. Beng says:

    Hi Riz, this “comment-cum-post” put a big smile on my face when I read it this morning. Not even in my wildest imagination did I think that my posts would be put in the same category, in any way, as the devotionals. Thanks for this heartwarming thought, Riz. Really.
    Makes me feel that my writing the night away is worth the antok and the pagod. If only to encourage one person, even without me knowing it, I will continue to write until I run out of words to say.

    My entry on superheroes reminding you of the greatest Superhero of all? Wow. If we’re listening, God can speak to us in the most unusual ways. We just gotta keep listening. Hang in there, Riz. Life gets better. It always does. 🙂

  3. Ruben says:

    Your two superheroes were up late at night saving you and themselves. Hope you were still able to finish your article. Buti na lang walang kalaban, otherwise your living room would be a mess. Superheroes tend to destroy the city when they’re defending it from enemies. Hehe. Oh, I’d love to be a kid again and don my Batman suit. 😉

  4. Beng says:

    Yeah, how could I say no to my superheroes? 🙂 They’re not going to be kids forever so I’m reminding myself to really take the time to enjoy them. Besides, they might be leaving the house soon and I’ll be missing them terribly.

    You in a Batman suit? Why not? Do you have one that still fits you? hehe. 🙂 Attend our Christmas party and you can get away with wearing the most ridiculous thing!

    I just finished the promo copy today. And I have another one to finish tonight. That is, unless the superheroes do not show up again.

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