Now brewing

Just like coffee. Just as stimulating, maybe, at least for me.

Brewing in my mind lately is the idea of subjecting myself to a self-imposed month-long daily writing challenge. I don’t have the stamina of a journalist whose words transform into daily wages but then, what if? What if I arm myself with enough prepaid internet load and then write daily–or nightly, in my case–for the next thirty days? What will this obscure webspace reveal? Even while this is still yet an idea, I’ve made up the rules: I can’t post a previously written yet unpublished piece, no one-liners or quotes from books in lieu of my own words. Will I survive my own challenge? I’d have to let this idea percolate a bit longer.


Errands. This E word has been eating up my extra energy (which I don’t have much of lately). My older sister in the US has given me a to-buy list that could rival the wish list addressed to Santa Claus of a very nice kid. During our most recent phone conversation, Nang suddenly expressed her desire to have an engagement calendar–the kind which opens, in one spread, one-week’s worth of days wherein you can pencil in meetings, significant events or probably even haircut appointments. Why she suddenly wants one in the ninth month of the year is beyond me. Oh wait, she explains. Nostalgia. Something to help her recall the year-that-was after many years have passed. And so tonight, the said to-buy list necessitated my side trip to the mall before heading straight for home. I got home safely, thank you very much, but not before running into two near-mishaps.

The near-mishap #1 is when I ” lost” the hard plastic numbered tag that guarantees retrieval of the package I deposited near the NBS Glorieta entrance. A swarm of thoughts swirled around my head while I was trying to rummage through my bag in frantic search. If I really lost it, how much do I have to pay to get my stuff back? Or will they even give my stuff back? I’m sure they will! But if the guard asks me what’s the number clipped on my package, I’d stammer, “Ah, uhm, you know what, I didn’t really look at the tag. So I don’t know. Just show me the package and I’ll tell you what’s inside:3 boxes of HOP polvoron, 3 boxes of greeting cards, 2 magazines . . . .” Now, my memory is resuscitated!

Thankfully, I did not have to pass an oral recitation to retrieve what’s mine. I retraced my steps and found my package tag lying on the stack of post-it notes I was previously checking out. But I’ve learned my lesson: Keep your package tag in a safe place, like your bag. And at least, glance at the number!

The near-mishap #2 would have fallen under the category of a social faux pas that could ignite a religious war somewhere south of Metro Manila. Walking on my way home, I saw “Mia” (as I always do). I don’t think she remembers my name but I do hers. Earlier, on the bus, I told myself I’d give her some food. And so when I made small talk with her, I was ready to offer her what I ate on the ride minutes ago. Thankfully, this time I remembered one thing soon enough: She can’t eat it! You see, Mia is a Muslim and I almost fed her Eng Bee Tin’s Hopia. Baboy. (I cringe at the thought.)


If this post were coffee, then this makes for one-serving.

Ho-hum, I didn’t know “making coffee” could make one so sleepy.

9 Responses to “Now brewing”
  1. Nang, your pretty sis.. says:

    You are such a wonderful sister (-: Buying all those ‘bilins’ for your sister..ahem..for me..

    I hope you can still get me a copy of ‘Sukob’..So is ‘Mia’ the friend you were telling me about from whom you can get this copy ?!? Basta walang extra dialogue that is not part of the movie at saka walang naglalakad sa gitna ng screen (-:

    Aren’t you somehow relieved that your other sister from Indiana doesn’t have a ‘list’ too? O di ba?

  2. Gypsy says:

    Hey girl, it would be great to read new things from you every day. What a challenge! Dont think I could take that up myself. To you, I say…Aja! πŸ™‚

  3. Beng says:

    “You are such a wonderful sister (-: Buying all those ‘bilins’ for your sister..ahem..for me”

    Ah, excuse me, Nang, di mo alam kapalit nito roundtrip ticket to the US? Haha. O sige, one way na lang. πŸ™‚ Joke!

    Yeah, Mia’s the one. Ayan, buking tuloy kung ano yung binibili ko! Don’t hope too much on me getting a copy. I’ll just wait for the original version. πŸ™‚

    I’m thinking of what to buy Rae pa. And I have only one more day to decide. Hope she doesn’t notice that you have a looong list!


    Hi Jojie,
    I was about to share the challenge with you! Let’s see when I jump into it. Maybe soon as I decide what I would reward myself with if and when I succeed! πŸ™‚ By the way, what’s “Aja”? Kinda new to me.

  4. Abaniko says:

    Friday, Saturday, now, Sunday and you haven’t churned out something for your blog. Hmm. You missed two days already and potentially you’ll skip today. You better make up for lost blogging days. I’m counting on the daily challenge. It’s always good to read heartwarming, witty articles for free. We’re all waiting, Beng! πŸ™‚

  5. Beng says:

    Hi A, But I haven’t taken the challenge yet. πŸ™‚ What if pa lang. Pero soon, I will (*wink). You might want to take up the challenge too. πŸ™‚ Di pa ako handa eh. I’ll stock up on prepaid internet cards muna. hehe. Maybe sometime this week, I’ll officially start. Tsaka nag-iisip pa ako ng reward sa sarili ko after 30 days. Hmm…But thanks for the encouragement. How about you too? Ikaw din! (haha, nandamay pa!)

  6. Abaniko says:

    Hmm. Pwede akong magpadamay. Haha. On the 30th day, why not give yourself 30 jumbo bars of chocolates. πŸ™‚

  7. Beng says:

    Sige, ikaw din! 30 jumbo bars of chocolates? I dont think I can finish that all in one day. Baka 30 chocolate kisses pa. πŸ™‚

  8. gina c. says:

    hi, beng. i lost my package tag at pens counter of NBS Glorietta while checking if the dozens pens my reporters needed had ink.Actually,seconds lang. i placed the tag near the pens that passed the quality. Someone took it. I immediately returned to the package counter. I told the guard what’s inside the plastic i also bought from NBS 2nd floor- 2 boxes containing 20 pcs. of blank cassette tapes (again, for the reporters. they had problem using digital recorder). I showed them the receipt(I always detach the receipt of my purchases from their packages when I deposit them to the package counter so I have the proof that they belong to me if I lose the tag. Hehehe, I always misplace the tags) Sadly, it was already claimed. In less than 10 minutes lang yata, na-claim na. You know, what happened next? The guards were all alerted thru their 2-way radio to check all the exit points for suspected terrorists, er, shoplifters (well, what they took were paid already). You know, those NBS agents in civilian clothes. The Sales Ladies at the Pen counter tried their best to recall and describe who were beside me while checking the pens. “2 young ladies who also were cheking jel pens…” Exciting! Pero nakatakas na and suspects. It was not the first time pala it happened in that branch. So next time,”hold on to your claim tags, girls!” Total damage: P650.00!:-)

  9. Beng says:

    Grabe, as in pati tags, may nagnanakaw na! I will definitely learn from your lesson. What if there were pricier items inside the package? Mas nakakainis siguro yun. Promise, the next time I go anywhere and they give me a tag, I will keep it somewhere safe.

    Maybe the stores could have tags customers could hang on their necks para di talaga mawawala. Di ba?

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