Tales from Thailand

Long Live the King

Today, a Monday, is a yellow shirt day here in Thailand. In commemoration of the King’s upcoming birthday on December 5, the Thais would wear a yellow (polo) shirt with a royal patch. I asked Nok (who drove us this morning) if there’s anybody or any group in Thailand who doesn’t love the King. In broken English, she said, “No. Every body love the King. Whatever the King say, we follow.”
Everywhere I look, there’s somebody wearing the “shirt”—from the most sophisticated office professional to the humblest street peddle

Want a taxi? Spell fuchsia
Yesterday, on the road and barely out of the airport, a car caught my eye. I couldn’t help but point to it, “Look, a pink taxi! (technically, I think it’s fuchsia). Other colors plying the highway include orange, bright blue, and even the dual colored ones, in addition to the generic white. “Can men ride these taxis too?” I quipped with a naughty smile. Thais drive on the right side of the road, apparently owing to the British influence.

I love Thai food!

Feeling that we had more than enough appetite for adventure, we agreed to eat by the roadside. Rat na is made of wide, flat noodles with meat and some vegetables. How could they serve food this delicious here when you pay big bucks just to have the same in Manila? I’ll gladly have another plate of this Thai noodle dish, and more servings of Tom Yum (which I ate for dinner yesterday and lunch today).

7 Responses to “Tales from Thailand”
  1. Swipe says:

    You must mean that they drive on the left side of the road. Sorry, I couldn’t resist as I’m one of those unfortunates who has struggled with remembering in which side is right and which is left all his life. And I’m still getting used to the fact that people also drive on the left here in Oz.

  2. sillyserious says:

    A diligent blogger tourist! Good for you 🙂 Enjoy Thailand, Beng. They have pink cabs? We have pink everything! (At least on EDSA 😉 Hehe. A-Boi with you?

  3. ruben says:

    Talaga, they love the king? Wow, is that nationalism or they just love the king? And yes, enjoy the Thai food! Good for you, hehe.

  4. Gypsy says:

    Waah! Inggit ako! I miss thailand! I miss ratna! Make sure you get to eat all the other side walk stuff…they are safe, yummy and clean! Hey make sure you get to shop at Chatuchak. Enjoy and say hi to Achara for me. 🙂

  5. Beng says:

    Hi Swipe, you’re right. I was just thinking that the driver sits on the right side of the front seats. Ganun din pala sa Australia. Yeah, confusing. You’d have to train yourself to look at the other way when you cross the street. Surviving naman. 🙂

  6. Beng says:

    Hi Aleks, oo nga no, pink public urinals, no nation could beat that. 🙂 Yeah, A-boi with me. He’s the hardest working member of the team. At least Ate Yna and I get the chance to rest whenever the other teaches; A-boi’s always on, doing the Ppt.

  7. Beng says:

    Hi Ben, they love their king so much. Will show you pictures when I get back just to explain to you how much. Enjoying Thai food so much. Thanks pala for the swissmiss but i left the remaining one at the office. hehe. pagbalik na lang.

    Hi Jojie, How I wish you were here with us ni Ate Yna. You must have made a great tourist guide! Kain ulit tayo ng Thai food pagbalik ko at pag pumunta ka ulit ng Manila. 🙂 All I ate from the sidewalk are the fruits. Can’t eat crickets, haha. But I did one brave thing the other day–I had a tamarind shake. Ok naman.

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