Rainy Tuesday at CPK

First time—it was my first time to be at CPK in Glorietta. It was hard to miss the signage from the outside, with ALL CAPS letters flashing the resto’s name in full. It was where Abaniko wanted us to meet. When I got off the cab, struggling to keep myself dry, my right shoe was inevitably soaked in the puddle. Will this be a bad night? I wondered and hoped not.

Karina’s smiling face greeted me when I saw her near the entrance. Two nights ago, a Tuesday, was bloggers’ night. We three have been visiting each other’s blog since our early blogging days and it was time to meet up as group (I have met with Abaniko and Karina a couple of times on separate occasions).

Over a meal of pizza, salad and pasta, we talked about topics such as blogging, room spaces, Davao and work concerns. Here’s an observation: No matter how different a person is from you, you can always find something interesting about a person—always. That is, if you listen intently enough and consider the person beside you or across you as the most important person in the world at that moment.

Abaniko regaled us with tales of his scrabble addiction, even testifying that he once drove back to his house to play online scrabble during his lunch hour (which I found extremely amusing in an I-can’t-believe-you-did-that kind of way). Karina painted a picture of her life as a singleton living in Davao, going so far as to describing how she got a good deal the current room she’s occupying.(She seems to be enjoying her short term and long term lodgings!). And I, well, I can’t recall if I said much but I remember peppering the conversation with a few interjections every now and then.

Meeting strangers has never made it to my list of favorite activities. But ever since I started blogging, I am realizing that I should rethink my over-cautiousness. Why? Because people I wouldn’t otherwise meet in my ordinary day-to-day life I am now interacting with through the worldwide web. And those I once considered mere acquaintances turn into movie buddies (there’s one in particular, you know who you are!). They say that the internet can expand the world. Now who would think that it’ll be true about one’s own personal world?

PS: To Karina and Abaniko, I said I’d write about Paul the waiter. But when my fingers hit the keys, they wanted me to type something else! Thanks for the time and company.

3 Responses to “Rainy Tuesday at CPK”
  1. kars says:

    hi ms beng,
    thanks for for the time, we met again. and hopefully, i had more fun time with you – dinner and also meeting mr sala.
    to abaniko, thanks for the treat.
    ang sarap ng food.

    Hi Karina, yes, we’ll meet again. Hopefully, when it’s time for Dr. Sala’s booklaunch and we can get your books signed. 😉
    Ingat sa Davao.

  2. Gypsy says:

    Hey, Beng, with so many Dabawenyos in your list of blogpals, don’t you feel like migrating South?? Hehe.

    Haha, but most of you are here so why should I move there? One of these days maybe I’ll fly to Davao and at least I know some people who I could meet while there. When I go there, I’ll make sure you’re there. Kelan kaya yun? 😉 PS: You know you’re the movie buddy right?

  3. Abaniko says:

    It was nice meeting with you and Karina, Beng. Till next time.

    Next time, we’ll pick the tab. Thanks again for the dinner treat, Abaniko. 🙂

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