Pineapple, pistachios and a pedicure

Pineapple, pistachios and a piece of cookie are all I had for a late dinner. No, I did not suddenly get bitten by the alphabet bug which infected me with this acute psychological disorder named Pass-the-plate-with-the-P-named-provision-please. Rather, this could be easily explained as the if-you-want-to-fit-in-the-dress-then-eat-less syndrome. With a wedding to attend in three days’ time, an unworn printed dress is calling out my name with a plea that could very well echo that of a human rights violation victim: “Do me justice.”

And so I do everything within my power to grant its request: Eat smaller portions, skip some snacks, and sweat out the extra pounds by increasing physical activity. My early lunch today consisted of a small bag of 100-calorie Chips Ahoy (which is really edible cardboard sprinkled with choco chips). As for desert, I had one on an impulse: A pedicure-ala-mode at Minami Beauty Salon right across our building (To my knowledge, the only parlor which boasts of La-Z boy seats, free wi-fi connection, a complimentary drink with any of its services, and very affordable rates for its basic treatments).

This short inventory related to my day now leads me to ask out loud: Do we women have an excuse to pamper ourselves once in a while? Is it right to fidget over the fit of a dress, the neatness of the toes, the feel of our hair? On a more personal note, should I worry about being on the brink of the cliff of vanity?

I confess: I like being a woman.

There is something to be celebrated about femininity. A woman’s beauty and charm can rival any of God’s other marvelous creations. Feel like admiring the dance of a majestic river? Study a woman’s graceful movements instead—the way she moves her hands as she flicks away strands of hair, the way she walks across the hall, the way her eyelashes flutter when stabbed with excitement.

If I were a man, I’d probably spend a big chunk of my time being amazed at how different—or uniquely special—women are. But since I am on the other side, I spend a big chunk of my time wishing somebody is being amazed at how different I am instead.(*wink*) Like how skillfully any ordinary woman can recite the virtues of Piolo Pascual (“Number 1, he’s cute. Number 2, he acts well. Number 3, did I say he is cute?”), I can go on and on about the merits of having the double X chromosomes.

Now how could this post, which started with food, be ending with thoughts on womanhood and Piolo instead? Could this be explained by women’s proclivity to talk in circles at times, with men getting confused at how in the course of their conversation point A led to point F, with a side trip to Point J? But wait, what really is my point?

I really like being a woman.

Because we are the only creatures on earth who, when asked to explain our actions, can reply with “Basta.” And expect men to feel that this is the most profound answer of all. 🙂

6 Responses to “Pineapple, pistachios and a pedicure”
  1. kars says:

    everytime i say ‘ah basta’ to a man, he would keep on asking, “Why? Explain.” 🙂
    say that to a colleague and she certainly knows what you think and feel. 🙂
    There’s this almost special guy (i have blogged recently) who said he’s so amazed why i love going to the spas and shopping. 🙂
    “Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women.” ~Nicole Hollander

    Wow,new pic ah!:) That’s what you call “change image!”

    Yeah, we women get the “Basta” tho I’m thinking that we actually rarely say that to each other. Whenever this word is said, it is usually by a woman to a man.

    Now whatever happened to this almost special guy? You still owe your readers a post on this (that is, if you are willing).

    Nice quote but I don’t really agree with Nicole. haha. A world with all women will be one noisy place. 😉

  2. rina says:

    hhmm, sakin naman the demands of being a woman (or, more to the point, being a “girly-girl”) is too much for me. i don’t enjoy shopping and primping, my hair is so thick and unruly that my attempts to handle it could hardly be described as “graceful.” but i do like the “basta” part, he he. the only thing better is getting men to say “basta” themselves because you’ve demolished them with your articulate (if sometimes illogical) arguments, he he

    Hi Rina, I should meet you and see the person behind these comments. You should write about one of your “Basta” moments with your boyfriend. I don’t know many guys who say “Basta” but if and when I do, I’d probably laugh out loud when he tells me our secret-weapon answer. 🙂

  3. ruben says:

    Haha, i enjoyed this one! We should have a ‘celebrate-our-differences day’ but i doubt one day will be enough. You should post a pic of you in that dress! Para makita nila na success efforts mo 🙂

    Oo nga, I wish there were such a day when we could discuss what makes us unique and appreciate each other. I don’t have a pic of me in that dress–dapat manghingi ako sa iba. But I’m not sure if I have the guts to post it here. haha. 🙂

  4. Gypsy says:

    It IS fun being a woman–no wonder some real men are trying it out as well (think metrosexuals!), like manicures, pedicures, make up, perfume, etc etc–gosh, some of them are as pretty as girls! 😉

    But the “prettiness” should be the exclusive trait of us girls! 🙂 I want men to be manly! Baka mainsecure pa ako kung mas maganda pa sa akin ang katabi ko. hehe, right?! Si TK ba manly?

  5. bijoiski says:

    “Because we are the only creatures on earth who, when asked to explain our actions, can reply with “Basta.” And expect men to feel that this is the most profound answer of all.”

    bwhahahaha. not to mention the famous answers… “okay lang at wala lang.”

    Oo nga ano, dapat isinama ko yun. Famous answers din natin yun. “Wala lang” kahit deep inside parang sasabog na sa inis, lungkot, frustration etc. ..No wonder men are having a hard time figuring us out.

  6. Lazarus says:

    In a different observation, when I get the “ah basta” reply., I counter it with “ah ok”. Then a few minutes of silence follows. Coz if I insist on getting the answer right then and there, baka mag-away pa. ha ha. With my standard reply, I’d usually get the answer or the explanation at the end of the short silence.

    You are one smart man, Lazarus. You should be a Yoda. 🙂 Tama ka, better to say OK than risk having a major fight. Usually magsasalita din naman kaming mga babae eh, without any prompting. That is, when we are ready. 🙂

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