Not all firetrucks are red

Not all firetrucks are red, some come in brilliant purple. So what if seeing this truck makes you want to reach for ube ice cream? Or more appropriately, the ube flavored Eng Bee Tin Hodsc00557.jpgpia?

On the left is the purple engine of the Binondo Paco Volunteer Fire Search and Rescue Brigade. When I alighted from the Divisoria-bound jeepney, this was one of the first sights that greeted me. Good thing that there was no fire nearby and this novelty truck was parked right where we (Snglguy and Carlotta) were supposed to meet.img_0406.jpg

Since we’re talking about colors, let me add this new discovery: Not all pigs are pink. Some come in black. On the right is just one of the four pampered Vietnamese pigs of the Los Ambos Mundos restaurant in Florentino Torres, the oldest restaurant in the Philippines, serving hungry patrons since 1888!


What is sweeter than a glass of juice with two heaping tablespoonfuls of sugar granules or artificial sweeteners? Try gulping, bottoms up, a glass of pure sugarcane juice. The juice is not white but brownish, close to the color of rust. So this is how fresh sugarcane really tastes like. How even-ants-will-get-diabetes-sweet!

In black and white—this is how I imagined some parts of Ongpin to look like. If you want to walk the street of memory lane, this is the place to go to see old houses that time forgot. Dilapidated buildings stand side by side with modern-looking structures. The contrast is sometimes jarring; sucking you inside the pages of history books.

Now, let me show you, in black and white, the bloggers who braved the heart of Manila one weekend to experemperor-villa-1.jpgience the taste, sound and smell of Chinatown.

Many thanks to Snglguy who graciously treated us to a sumptuous Chinese buffet at Emperor Villa and bought us cold drinks at Starbucks. If all tour guides were like him, many more people (bloggers and non bloggers) would troop to Chinatown. Carlotta, whom I met in person for the first time, proved to be the perfect company too! It seemed like we’ve known each other for quite some time. She’s a kindred spirit.

13 Responses to “Not all firetrucks are red”
  1. snglguy says:

    Hehe, I bet that sugarcane juice gave you more energy that afternoon than 10 bottles of Red Bull. Next time Quiapo naman tayo! LOL 😀

    In college, I had enough of Quiapo (studied in UST). 🙂 Madami na bang changes duon? Yup, the sugarcane juice probably helped raise my energy and excitement. 🙂 And there’s nothing like the thrill of discovering new things.

  2. rina says:

    yeah the purple firetrucks rock!

    hhmm, binondo definitely has a lot of layers, a lot of history. i should go back and explore some more, and get stuffed with chinese food in the process 🙂

    Nice no? Ang cute ng firetruck na ito, kakaiba talaga. The owner of Eng Bee Tin donated it to the city.

    Yes, Binondo is the place to be. You just need an insider to help take you where you should go. Did you know that you can actually ask a tour guide, for a fee of course, to facilitate your tour? I first found out about it in Carlotta’s blog. But we didn’t need one in this instance. Another blogger helped. 😉

  3. bernadette says:

    nakakainggit naman :-)! I have only gone to Binondo to look for reasonably priced buys (like white t-shirts!) that I can’t get in the usual department stores/malls. Kailangan may insider/guide talaga like snglguy and carlotta to bring you around. But I did have a taste of the sugarcane juice—talagang energizer siya!

    Thanks, Beng, for the idea to get to really see Binondo! More of these! (By the way, the picture with the pig was so small that I was wondering what pig you were talking about…:-))

    Hi Ate Bernadette! You should visit Binondo when you have the time. Ang rich talaga ng character ng lugar na iyon. Snglguy, and his best friend, are the best tour guides. They patiently took us around (even joining us tour the Divisoria mall). 🙂

    As for the pig, maybe another reason you didn’t see it agad is because it’s black. Anyway, will try to enlarge it. Thanks!

  4. Gypsy says:

    Aba..dami ko palang na miss dyan na EB ah….;) speaking of which, spent a day with Jen here in UK–nag sightseeing kami ng London last night, saya!!

    Grabe, mas nakakainggit yata ang ginawa niyo diyan ni Jen! What I would give just to be where you are right now! 🙂 LONDON! I’m looking forward to Jen’s kwentos and pictures when we see each other again. Pag-uwi mo, you can catch up on all the gimiks you missed.

  5. Abaniko says:

    Inggit ako. Kelan ulit manlilibre si Singlguy? Sama ako!

    Dapat nga kasama ka eh. Eh mukhang super enjoy ka naman sa Vigan eh 😉 As for your appeal, calling on Snglguy! If you can read this message…

  6. Swipe says:

    I remember that purple firetruck but I don’t remember it having the flame details around the sides. oh well, must be a new paint job.

    Ah really? Buti ka pa nakita mo yung original look. Yup, must be a new paint job. 🙂

  7. rina says:

    i took that tour last august beng, nag-comment ka pa nga sa blog post ko about it e 🙂 the tour was great, pero mas ok nga yata yung libre, he he

    Hi Rina! Alam mo, naalala ko si Carlotta instead of you who took that chinatown trip. Sensya ka na ha, may pagka-Dory ako eh(of Finding Nemo). 🙂 Yeah, mas okay libre. hehe. 🙂

  8. snglguy says:

    To Abaniko: Kung kailan ka libre sa mga “obligations” mo this holiday season, balik tsyo sa Emperor Villa. Alam ko miss mo na yun… haha. 😀

  9. snglguy says:

    Hi Bemg, just dropped by to say Merry Christmas to you and your family. 🙂

    Hi Snglguy, thanks again for the greeting. 🙂 So how’s Chinatown around this time of the year? Still bursting at the seams with people?

  10. bengalba says:

    Hi Snglguy, thanks.Merry Christmas din sa iyo!:)

  11. juanito see says:

    Four fire trucks are parked in binondo Church. And yet, the Eliong Fire incident happened where 5 persons perished. Eliong is located less than 100 meters from Binondo Fire Brigade.
    What happened?? What lessons can be learned?

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    This is the first time I encountered this feature of wordpress. Nice naman. Thanks for the link, Snglguy! 🙂

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