When I was yet a new blogger, one of my earlier posts was about my conspiring to surprise Gladys, a friend slash officemate slash Christian Bautista fan. With two other friends, I planned that we will have dinner somewhere in a Makati mall, and then have “dessert” afterwards (the dessert was a Christian Bautista concert). But wait, why not let you read the whole story if you’re interested? Click here.

I thought I was a good surprise-r until the tables were turned just recently. If surprises were sold at McDonalds, let’s just say I think I got one of the biggest servings. The surprise started with a call on my cellphone, from a man who said that an LBC package was being delivered right at that moment. This is probably a prank! I had my suspicion on the caller’s identity but thought, “How can he call using a Globe number when he’s in the US? This is not possible.”

There was just one way to find out: Go out of my room and see who’s at the gate. Lo and behold, there, as clear as the light of day, I saw my friend Jayson, with his cellphone still on his ear, talking with me. Using the surprise meter, that moment topped the pleasant shock I experienced when the emcee announced my name as the winner of an LG television one company Christmas party many years ago.

An “LBC package” was really waiting, which consisted of the Ipod itouch he offered to sell me for the price he got it for in the US (much lower than the prices around here) and an Iron Chef apron for the aspiring chef me. I couldn’t decide which made me happier. 😉

Surprises—oh how they can make one’s heart swell with happiness. Of candies and chocolates, of words and gestures, the delight of an unexpected act of kindness is the sweetest of them all. Surprises—may the Lord continue to make my heart ready to give them, and receive them. For after all, we can take the cue from the Greatest Surprise-r: the Almighty God, whose extravagant love can surprise even the worst of sinners.

2 Responses to “Surprised”
  1. jen says:

    may He surprise us all in this coming year! Happy listening beng!

    Listening to the ipod touch or to Him? Hmm, I guess, both. 🙂 Enjoying the gadget, and cherishing times of quiet before Him.

  2. snglguy says:

    I saw a display of an Ipod iTouch at a cellphone deaaler’s shop recently. Tres cool gadget, very similar to the iPhone. Too bad I’m not into music players otherwise I would have bought it, hehe. 😀

    But if you’re in a hotspot, you can also connect to the internet with it! 🙂 that’s just the geek girl me speaking. 🙂

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