All dressed up

“I don’t need to be taken cared of, thank you.”

The statement that ushered in this post was uttered by Jane, played by Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl, when she was face to face with Kevin/Malcolm, played by James Marsden. Last Thursday my friends and I trooped to Glorietta 4 cinema and watched 27 Dresses. The chance of seeing the pretty actress outside of Seattle Grace Hospital and in clothes other than scrubs was too good to let slip.

A movie critic I am not so I will withhold making a point by point analysis of the movie. Besides, there are many websites dedicated to ripping the movie to pieces, and some, to extolling its virtues so go check them out. While watching this movie, my mind involuntary flashed the dresses I wore as a bridesmaid. Thankfully, to the best of my recollection, I did not despise any of them (the last time I lent my services as a maid of honor was around three years ago during my sister’s wedding).

There are scenes that made me laugh out loud, as well as scenes (one in particular) that made me cringe (If you plan on seeing the movie, I will spare you the details). This film will probably not get nominated at the Oscar’s but it’s not a total waste of time either. If this movie were food, it’s cotton candy—fun to eat but not filling.

Since I started with the food metaphor, let me stretch that a bit. While I can enjoy eating cotton candy that is this story, what I don’t like is eating crumbs. Crumbs as in “I will only give you what’s left over of my time and heart.” How sad that is. My friend Gina shared my sentiment and wisely said, “you [or we] deserve the whole raisin bread.” Her affirmation reinforced what I believe women should get, and at the same time, made me want to bake raisin bread on my bread maker. Seriously.

Lest I get carried away and post my recipe here, I will stay on topic and end with this thought:

Of the many dresses we women can wear, the most flattering is one that shows off our best assets: not our skin but our self-esteem; not our poise but our patience; and not our figure but our faith.

7 Responses to “All dressed up”
  1. bernadette says:

    that’s a good way of describing how dresses should be worn. My husband usually says I wear frumpy clothes…then one night, he confided in me (who else will he confide with anyway? :-)) that although I can be frumpy at least daw totoo ako to myself. Honoring my body daw is making sure it is comfortable. Is that a consolation? 🙂

    Others realizing that you are true to yourself is one great compliment. 🙂 Yes, I think that’s more than a consolation.

  2. jen says:

    i love raisin bread! Nope, we can’t settle for the crumbs. All or nothing. : -) May we have dresses that are worth wearing!

    You like raisin bread too? nice. 🙂 will definitely give you when i make or buy some. No crumbs, yes. Let that sink in deep. Looking forward to what God will let us wear, the virtues, not just the dresses.

  3. Gina says:

    Beng, I am expecting raisin bread this week. Just so you won’t forget. Which reminds me..I will be bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding in a few months. I cringe at the thought! But she said she will let me work with the designer on the design that works best for me! How cool is that!!?

    I will try my best to make you that raisin bread. 🙂 thanks for the reminder ha, i needed that push. I will just surprise you. 😉 So you will be a bridesmaid soon! Make sure your dress is something you could wear a second, a third… time. You know, just shorten it. Yeah, that’s cool!

  4. snglguy says:

    We all deserve the whole bread… let’s just hope the ones we’re getting will turn out to be soft and chewy, and not stale, hehe. 😀

    Haha, that’s a good stretch of the metaphor. 🙂 Agree!

  5. verns says:

    I’m definitely gonna watch 27 dresses but not on the big screen hehe =) thanks for not giving spoilers Beng.

    Maeenjoy mo ito, Verns! 🙂 You’d probably identify with the main character too. Of course, I won’t give spoilers. I don’t like it too when that happens to me (inadvertently reading or hearing about the ending or any significant part of the story).

  6. Zherwin says:

    My girlfriend and I have this idea that since she’s been a bridesmaid for a lot of her friends and she has quite a collection of gowns, we will ask the bridesmaids to use/wear them come when “the day” comes. 🙂 i haven’t seen the movie (as i am yet to be dragged for such) though i know that every dress has a story, and that’s basically our plan. 😀

    Really, Sherwin? That’s a cool idea. 🙂 After your “d day,” and if you really did push through with this bridesmaids idea, please post a pic. I’m sure many would be interested how it played out. BTW, I know some guys who watched this movie. Fortunately, they didn’t keel over and die. haha. So fear not if ever you get dragged into this. Thanks for visiting. Visited your site too. 🙂

  7. Gypsy says:

    Waah! I miss you Beng! I dont have anyone to watch cotton candy movies here–just the mere mention of watching cotton candy movies would have me burned at the stake here! Haaay!

    Gypsy, UWI ka na! 🙂 Hinihintay na tayo ng CCF at megamall. Hey, what’s with the burning at the stake? The thought of watching cotton candy movies so bloody inappropriate there? hehe. 🙂 It’s OK, you’ll just have a lot of catching up to do after your plane touches down the Manila airport.

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