the happy list

While another post is simmering in the back burner, let me serve this fastfood-quick post, in response to the tags of Ivy and Aleks, for now:

The rules are easy. Just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their blogs…

Here’s my happy list:

one. Wearing slippers after making the vain mistake of wearing cute but too-tight-for-comfort shoes

two. Watching my nephews lip-synch and dance to the tunes of “Ain’t no mountain high enough” and “Walking on sunshine” (and joining them in the fun!)

three. Having lunch in Tagaytay and watching my friends fly a kite

four. Trying to cook a mean adobo for the first time and succeeding at it (or gutom lang talaga kami!)

five. Discussing God’s sovereignty with my DG mates

six. Baking oatmeal chocochip cookies with the help of my two mini-assistants

seven. Riding Anchors Away or maybe what it represents 😉 (More than ten rialto1.jpgyears ago, I promised myself I won’t ride it again—ever. I broke that promise last March 1. I think I’m growing courage already, right next to the ducks. Huh? Ducks? Long story but it’s a funny one. The Tagaytay/EK group I was with plus some know the story.Thanks to Jon for the pic.)
eight. Enjoying light conversations peppered with laughter over hearty dinners and desserts

nine. Experiencing God’s peace and trusting Him after making a difficult decision

ten. Listening to my favorite songs while walking and riding the bus on my way to work

      Who am I tagging next? Hi Abaniko, Gypsy, Snglguy, Verns, Carla, Swipe, Gina, Mommy G, Rina and Karina. Tell me, what made you happy just recently?

      10 Responses to “the happy list”
      1. Gypsy says:

        Ei, thanks for the tag!! I am wondering why you didnt put anything on watching movies on your happy list..hmmm..;)

        Hi Gypsy, will wait for your list ha. The reason why I didn’t put anything on watching movies is I haven’t watched any lately. The last one I saw on the big screen was “The Bucket List.” It seems to me that was a long time ago already.

      2. rina says:

        eep! ako ba ‘tong Rina na to? delinquent ako pagdating sa pag-comply sa tags. but who can resist a tag called “the happy list?” it’s like you admitted your life sucks if you don’t do the tag diba, he he? sige, next post ko 🙂

        Yup, Rina, this is you. 🙂 i’m interested to read what makes a girl like you happy. buti na lang i did the tag no, just to avoid the “my life sucks” tag. hehe. joke.

      3. carlotta says:

        wow, anuzzer tag! hehe sige gawin ko yan. marami-rami narin akong tags-in-waiting hehehe. 😀

        O ayan, ipila mo na ito. hehe. Will be “happy” to wait for your happy list. 😉

      4. vbless says:

        hi miss beng, thanks for the tag. I have posted my happy list in my blog. happy reading. 🙂

        Hey there, thanks. 🙂 i saw your post already but will check it out again. i want to see what are those tiny slippers. 🙂 Have a trip to Davao in the next few months. Hope to see you there.

      5. bijoiski says:

        waaah hindi ako kasama 😦 hehehe.

        May trabaho ka yata nito, Ives. Sagabal talaga ang work sa gudtaym. hehe, joke. nektaym. 🙂

      6. carlotta says:

        nagawa ko na rin hahaha 😀

        Thanks, Carla. Saw it. 🙂 Hope to see you soon.

      7. Abaniko says:

        “six. Baking oatmeal chocochip cookies with the help of my two mini-assistants”

        seven. And sharing them later with fellow bloggers like Abaniko, Carlotta, Snglguy, Verns, Aleks, etc.


        Hey, this meme is cool. I’ll post a reply once I get the time. Thanks for the tag, Beng!

        I will gladly do your number 7, that is, after you do my tag. 🙂 Will swing by your site to check. Regards, Abaniko.

      8. mommy g. says:

        hi, beng. sorry, too busy to notice i’ve been tagged. audit season, proposal for new reporter plus my boss negotatiating my salary increase. whatever the outcome for the latter, you’ll see it in my happy list.hehe:-)i’ll post it before the weekend.
        your list made me smile and realize that some of the things i take for granted are what will make me happy.

        Hi Mommy G. I enjoy reading your chronicles detailing your experiences with your boys. I’m sure you won’t have problems filling the happy list, what with three plus one boys to help you appreciate life. 🙂 will be waiting for your list. Game na.

      9. snglguy says:

        Ooops, sorry I missed this one, Beng. Sige, will post my own list soon. that is, if I can think of ‘happy things’, hehe. 😀

        Hi Snglguy, no prob. Yes, I have hope that you can cope up with happy things and thoughts. 🙂

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