a chocoholic’s midafternoon dream

I think chocolates should be fortified with vitamins. In the molds where they pour melted chocolate, why can’t they sprinkle powdered vitamins there too? This way, everybody’s happy. The chocolate factories make a lot of money and people like me who love chocolates will be healthy.

How I wish that the day would come when every piece of M&M will give me 50 mg of vitamins—a, b, c, d, e, and all the other vitamins identified by letters of the English alphabet. Then there’s no way I’m going to forget taking my vitamins again—ever. I will take my vitamins during breakfast, lunch and dinner, and with all my snacks in between.

And sooner than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I’d be the healthiest chocoholic desk worker in the whole wide world.

5 Responses to “a chocoholic’s midafternoon dream”
  1. Swipe says:

    Looks like you were running low on sugar.

    Running low on sugar, or running low on sanity. 😉 What made me write that short piece was my nibbling on a few pieces of M&Ms while working. I was thinking, “In the grand scheme of things, there should be a nobler reason why I’m eating chocolates!”

  2. carlotta says:

    if each piece of m&m’s would have 50mg of vitamins, just think of how much vitamins we could get from those king=sized chocolate bars! woohoo! 😀

    In that case, we can just eat our “vitamins” all day long. 😉 what fun! 🙂

  3. jophen says:

    Hi Beng, missed reading your blog. Nibbling ma and ms while working? Hmmm, watch it girl. hehehe

    Hi Te Jophs, thanks for visiting again. I’ve temporarily closed by chocolate account (that is, I’ve kept my chocolate jar, away from my desk. I gave away its contents last week. 🙂 ) I promise not to make it obvious that I like all things sweet. hehe.

  4. Ruben says:

    Hehe, Beng, chocolate with vitamins would make every kid stronger and healthier. But what if someone comes up with chocolate-flavored cough syrup? Eh di masarap din yun!

    If that were the case, then all kids wouldn’t mind getting sick! Chocolate-flavored cough syrup? Pwede rin kaya yung topping ng vanilla ice cream? 😉

  5. molly says:

    Chocolate-flavored cough syrup? Eh di lalong dadami ang adik sa cough syrup! (and not just in a cute addiction sense!) 🙂

    OK nga na yung cough syrup, chocolate flavored na! Baka sakaling maturn off na ang mga tutuong adik sa cough syrup. 🙂

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