twin thoughts

What’s it like to have a twin?

I get asked that question once in a while when new acquaintances discover this detail about me. I usually just say, “Well, it’s just like having any other sibling. Only you suddenly remember that you share the same birthday.” (In our case, we sometimes feel that we don’t really have a birthday because the day we celebrate it coincides with Christmas day.) 

My twin and I are dizygotic twins; I have a twin brother (nick)named Dong. “Dong-Beng!” Say our names in one breath and it’s like ringing a bell.

Even if I’ve been with my twin since we were developing in our mother’s womb, I am still discovering a lot of things about him. Here’s one: I think he’s really nice (and I say that not just because we’re related. And yes, it took this long for me to finally say it out loud). Many people have been enjoying his kindness and generosity and this blogger is no exception. One particular thing that he does for me is drive for me (though there are still rare instances when he drives me the opposite way, that is, driving me crazy!).

– – – – – – – –

If you’re from Manila, you know how the rain has been coming in torrents for the past several days. It rained again last night, significantly worsening the traffic condition in the metropolis. Many were stranded. From Makati, I detoured to Pasay area where I thought I had greater chances of getting a ride. Unfortunately, at 9 pm I was still stuck in Rotonda, praying that a jeep bound for Bicutan, or a taxi would find its way in front of where I stood. Out of desperation, I even muttered under my breath, “I am willing to ride anything, even a horse-drawn calesa!” But then, how will it survive the zooming vehicles plying South Superhighway? And the teller at the tollbooth would probably get the shock of his/her teller’s life. But wait, I digress.

Desperate. How in the world will I get home? This damsel in distress needed some major rescuing! When I was already running out of options, my phone rang. It was Dong. He instructed me to stay where I was and that he’ll be on his way to pick me up. It was only later on, when we were together inside the car that I learned that he was also on his way home, very near our house already, when he phoned. He literally went out of his way and made a long u-turn to help me. That was quite a big deposit in my love bank.

I end this post by sharing that my twin and I have many loves in common. Aside from our love for God and our family, we both love chocolates. This morning, before leaving the house, I saw this shiny Van Houten Assortment package in the refrigerator. “Whose is this?” “Mine,” he said. Remembering that he made me buy him—at “counter point”— chocolates three days ago when we were in SM, I felt bold enough to ask, “May I have it?” He nodded and I was off my way.

“What’s it like to have a twin?” you ask me again.

This time, let me say, “It’s great. Having a twin makes me feel doubly blessed.”

3 Responses to “twin thoughts”
  1. mommy g. says:

    How sweet.:-) I haven’t asked you this: Who’s older?

    (I like the comment box… pink:-) )

    Thanks. I figured, if I can write about security guards, why not write about my brother? 🙂 (Just thought it was worth writing about. And besides, if ever I get mad at him in the future, I can look at this post and remember why I should not be too mad.)

    He is, by three minutes, I think.

  2. bernadette says:

    I have read a lot (if not all!) of twins, triplets etc. somehow have a strong intuitive link with each other! A real case is your brother coming to the rescue when you had that stranded situation! In the nick of time, eka nga!

    Usually when I get into these situations like stranded somewhere in the middle of a typhoon for instance, I tend to pray fervently (too fervently, I guess) that there would be actual chances when a cab would stop in front of me just to have some passengers get off! Two times na nangyari sa akin ito. The rest of the instances…I forget but then I still get home during the day. Some friends of mine would find themselves checking into a motel (kapag marami sila) and spending an overnight there. walang discount kasi hindi “short time” (heehee)!

    Yes, maybe that intuitive link between twins is true. Maybe. 🙂

    I’ve been praying so hard too, and the answer came in the form of my brother. About your option when you get stranded, yes, I’ve been considering that too. Andami pa namang “hotels” sa Pasay. But no, I’d be afraid for many other reasons! hehe. Siguro nga kung madami kami, I could consider staying overnight somewhere.
    PS: May discount pag “short time”? Bakit? Or maybe you should leave that unanswered because I know that information shouldn’t serve me any purpose at all! haha.

  3. carlotta says:

    this might sound a bit weird but i’ve always thought that having a twin is amazing. (maybe coz i’m fascinated with how twins are like) 😀

    I am fascinated by twins too! In fact, I just read the first chapter of a book which detailed the operation of the conjoined twins Ladan and Laleh Bijani. In my case, I’m glad I only have fraternal and not an identical twin, which I think presents a different set of challenges.

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