Back on Track

I started with “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. Twelve laps, 4.8 kilometers and an hour later, I ended with Apo Hiking Society’s “Paano.” In between, I also listened to Kenny Loggins, Brian McKnight, Eric Benet and other various artists who’ve made my clip-on player their home. I started with the fast—the songs—and ended with the slow, which, when you think about it, is quite appropriate to help me wind down.

My iPod proved to be a trusty running mate yesterday at ULTRA’s 400-meter oval track. It was good to be reacquainted with all my muscle groups again. For a time, all the muscles that I’ve been moving are those in my fingers that enable me to type on my keyboard and grip my ballpen to check blueprints.

Even if my day-after-jogging-sore-body is telling me otherwise, I know it’s great to be back on track.

3 Responses to “Back on Track”
  1. Swipe says:


    I know what that’s like. Which reminds me that I should start running now that spring is around.

    But don’t you need to recover first from all the hits you took from the paintball session? 🙂

    I wonder what’s it like to run in Australia. Must be great, what with the fresh air and great scenery. That would beat ULTRA any day. Have fun, Swipe.

  2. carlotta says:

    that day after jogging sore body feeling is worth savoring. whenever that happens to me, i always think, no pain, no gain. hehehehe. 😀

    Yes, no pain, no gain.
    My body is still quite sore actually, 2 days after jogging. It’s been a long time kasi since I last did it.I wish I could make this a regular thing again but it’s too early to tell! Sana!
    What makes this easier is I don’t do it by myself. Kasama ko officemates ko when I jog.

    If you want, sama ka sa min minsan. Entrance to the oval track, 29 pesos. Health benefit of running: Priceless. 🙂

  3. mommy g. says:

    the best pa rin ang outdoor exercises. you get to meet the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees, not to mention the humans as you walk, jog, run, glide, etc. hehe:-)

    i forgot to mention you look great when i saw you today. by the way, if you haven’t bought dumbbells yet, i’ll include it in my “beng’s birthday wish list”. Kung hindi ka mainip:-)

    Oo nga, the best pa din ang outdoor exercise. Masarap ang hangin habang tumatakbo sa ULTRA. But about meeting the birds and the bees–ayoko yatang makameet ng bees kasi baka mapakaripas ako ng takbo kasi masakit kapag napag-initan ka nila eh. hehe. 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment. You looked great too, I like your dress. Very corporate ang dating pero feminine pa din. At may glitters! Saya! About the dumb bells (why do they call them that?), I have a pair already. 5 pounds heavy. Thanks for the thought, tho. And thanks for the Cloud 9 bar. See you very soon again!

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