When life offers no guarantees

It was the biggest shock of the day, if not the week, for me. While in the car on the way back to the office today, colleagues were rattling off names of single, unattached males. His name came up. Ha?! How could he be “single” when he and his girlfriend have been going strong (or so I thought) for years already. Are there other earth-shaking news I should know about?

What made this uncoupling especially surprising for me is the fact that they seemed to love each other so much. Rare may be the times when I see the girl but the other half of the pair, E, has been in love with his lady for the longest time. Whenever we’d get the chance to talk and our conversation would turn to the matters of his heart, he would always speak lovingly of her. “She’s one lucky girl,” I would silently mutter to myself, “for having someone who’s been patiently waiting for her to fulfill her dreams and settle down.”

She must be blind for not realizing what she’s got. For from what I’ve heard, she strayed away from their exclusive commitment and let her heart be nurtured by someone else. Incredulous, I wondered how things like these can happen. But after a few minutes, I was splashed the cold reality that there really are no guarantees. Even if boy meets girl and they fall in love, there is no assurance that they will stay that way—in love—till the end of time. Buying Tupperware can seem like a safer investment because at least it offers you a lifetime guarantee.

Life here on earth offers no promises of never-ending bliss and pleasure. If there’s anything that’s constant about life it is this: There will always be risks. Not even the best intentions can shield one from experiencing the sometimes harsh consequences of living in a sin-soaked world. After reaching the end of the rainbow, the pot might be empty.

Yes, knees might get scraped when you’re learning to bike, your voice might falter when you’re singing a song, and your heart might get broken when you’re giving it away.

But then again, history tells us that bruised knees, egos and hearts have never stopped people from trying. Out of a hundred, 99 will still hope against hope that their stories will be different from the rest. There are still those who believe that happily-ever-afters are not monopolized by characters living in make-believe worlds trapped in between hard-bound covers.

And so as I hurt for him—and all the others whose hearts need mending—I still continue to trust that the balm from heaven will flow to soothe and heal. Because no matter how broken something is, the Carpenter’s Hands will always be gentle and powerful enough to make it whole again.

2 Responses to “When life offers no guarantees”
  1. bernadette says:

    yes, Beng, there certainly are no gaurantees in Life BUT I have learned that once we have strengthened ourselves spiritually then inner peace and Love is guaranteed no matter what. And for hereon despite the broken-ness will emerge forgiveness and a spirit to go forward and enjoy Life nevertheless. I have learned that everything that happens is for the good of our souls and character. We cannot judge circumstances.

    Yes, that’s right, Ate bernadette. 🙂 I remember this line from Romans 8:28, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good….” The end has already been determined. We just have to sit it out in the dark sometimes before seeing the light. 🙂

  2. normeeei says:

    This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for this encouragement Ate Beng. 🙂

    Hi Normee. I am humbled to know that this helped you. Thanks for telling me. If ever you swing by our store, ask the bookstore staff to call me. I’d be happy to see you in person. 🙂

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