random thoughts 2

Feeling [good kind of] tired tonight. I have finally, finally finished the writing assignment that has been simmering in the back burner for a few days. I have been meaning to finish it but I just didn’t have a whole lot of chunk of time, concentration and energy that I needed to complete its writing. Until tonight. Thank You, Lord.

* * * * * * * *

First time. Last night I participated in 700 Club’s fund-raising telethon as one of the volunteer counselors. Before the show, I was briefed on how to take the call and minister to the callers.  It was my first time to do something like it so you can just imagine my trepidation. I replied to someone when I was asked if I was ready to do it that I can never feel ready. Just trusting God big-time. There really was no other way to do it (and this applies to all the other things in our lives we have no control over), is there? The joy and privilege I felt for being able to hear about several people’s sacrificial gifts and pray for them over the phone drowned out the fatigue and sleepiness my body was shouting out to me. I won’t hesitate to participate in a similar telethon again.

* * * * * * * *

Such great friends. JC and Gina provided me company while I was trying to pass time before my 10pm call time at the studio in Makati. Over a plate of crostini and some pasta dishes, and a dozen of Mrs Fields cookies, we exchanged stories and laughter. This engaging engaged couple even walked me to the studio and stayed there for a while until the show actually started. While writing this, I’m trying to recall when these two people started occupying space in my heart but I can’t. 🙂

* * * * * * * *

Today I attended a culinary class sponsored by the Tosca restaurant of Dusit Thani. Under the instruction of Italian Chef Alesio, we seven students representing different nationalities (2 Filipinas, 1 Thai, 1 Japanese, 1 Taiwanese, 1 Chinese and 1 Dutch) chopped, minced, sauteed and listened to many culinary tidbits sprinkled every now and then (Some of the tips covered the following: How to take out the meat from the lobster, how to mince onions without shedding a tear [“breathe through your mouth while chopping”], how to handle a knife, how it’s better to use olive oil instead of butter. ) Just don’t ask me yet to prepare for you what we cooked because it will take me quite a while and a lot of money to do it. 🙂 But make no mistake about it. Being able to cook dishes in a professional kitchen was quite an experience.


Note: My first post on random thoughts, I now realize, doesn’t seem so random. But the one above really is.

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