Crazy cooking

The moment I alighted from the bus and saw how the cars seem to be parked where they were instead of moving, I knew. Stay. In SM. Do…whatever.

Good thing that in my bag was my wifi-enabled netbook. My inner geekhood whispered to me, “Use it. Surf the net while having dinner. ” (Shopping, I realized, do not appeal to me when I’m in a hotspot.)

– – – – – – – – – – – –

I did something crazy this lunchtime. My officemate Ian couldn’t believe that I will actually do what I did. Thirty minutes before lunchtime, I announced  that I was planning to cook my  food. Saute corned beef in garlic and onion in the oven toaster. Zap scrambled eggs in the microwave.  He was laughing, shaking his head and probably thinking like I was nuts. “This, I gotta see,” he said. (Oo, yun talaga ang sinabi niya. Inglesero yun eh.)

He wasn’t alone in his estimation of my craziness. Our British consultant Ate Lindy saw me in the pantry, in the middle of my cooking. She asked me something like, “You really think it’s easier to do that than ask Bing to buy your ulam?”  (Oo, yun din talaga sinabi niya. Siya naman, marunong magtagalog. British yun ha?!) Well, of course, I knew asking someone to buy me food from the corner canteen is so much easier. But then, where is the challenge in that? 🙂 And besides, cooking makes me happy. Yes, even if my “kitchen” is just a small, cramped pantry and all I have for ingredients are two eggs, a tiny can of corned beef, a bottle of oil, and a bulb of onion and a head of garlic. Plus salt. Iodized salt to make me smarter (!). [PS: I think the last ingredient didn’t work.]

My culinary exercise this lunchtime proved to me how stubborn I can sometimes get. That when I decide to do something, I will do it no matter what it takes. Even if it seems foolish or impossible or hard to do by others’ standard. But hey, don’t you think it was a good challenge? For who doesn’t love to bite on a challenge every now and then? And oh, did I enjoy spoonfuls of this challenge. With rice.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

The Pizza Hut crew is now pulling down the restaurant’s shutters. My cue to start packing my trusty netbook and be on my way home. By now, the traffic situation should have improved. I thank God for small joys such as this: An unplanned time to be by myself and do some thinking. Yes, even if my thinking is directed at something so inconsequential as my crazy, culinary stint.

7 Responses to “Crazy cooking”
  1. carlotta says:

    Haha that’s really crazy, but fun as well! btw, was your rice plain or garlic? 😀 😀

  2. Abaniko says:

    Challenge # 2: Cook kare-kare in the office oven toaster.

    • Beng says:

      I’d need a bigger oven toaster for that. 🙂 Sa microwave pa, pwede. But I’d need to file a half-day leave just to finish cooking that elaborate dish. (But why does it seem like I’m seriously considering it? Haha!)

  3. daph says:

    hahaha! iba ka, ate beng… iba.. :))

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