Furry Tale

You’ll never guess what living creature I almost bumped into on my way to work this morning.

A duck.

Really. I am not kidding. While walking on the sidewalk in between EDSA and 7-11 near  Boni Avenue, there was this duck wobbling towards me, showing its cute little bottom. I wanted to laugh out loud when I saw it. How in the world? And it was so early in the day for it to go gallivanting around the wrong side of town. And unaccompanied at that! (Unless the woman next to it was its owner. But why wasn’t she holding it or at least looking? I will never know.)

And just when I thought I have already seen it all.

I’m not sure if this recent feathery apparition beats the time I (and thousands others) saw a cat walk across the stage in Araneta Coliseum. It was an Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith concert. While Amy was playing her guitar and singing “Father’s Eyes,” a cat nonchalantly walked in front of her. The singer had to stop in the middle of the song and remarked how extraordinarily strange it was to see the cat “share” the stage with her, and inadvertently steal the show. She was incredulous. And laughing too.

A duck on  the sidewalk. A cat on stage. Animals are funny creatures. Especially when they show up in the most unexpected places.

6 Responses to “Furry Tale”
  1. Karina says:

    The 2 dogs at home are lovable and funny creatures too! My two japanese spitz would jump to me when i am on the hammock. Nikka would hug me and smell by breath. Sushi – sobrang likot! 🙂

  2. Alan says:

    Didn’t you see any peacocks? 😉

  3. carlotta says:

    this reminds me, i actually saw a heron or egret flying over the (stinky) estero that runs near broadway and mt. carmel some months ago. now that’s one amazing sight too. 🙂

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