Synchronizing my clock with His

“So when are you leaving for the US?” is the question I get asked the most often right now. For people who know that I am an engaged to a wonderful American, it’s just but natural for them to inquire. It has been, after all, more than a year since I was proposed to. More than a year since I first imagined myself waking up next to this tall gentleman who treats me with nothing but kindness and care.

The short answer to that is “I don’t know yet.” The long answer is “I don’t know and we are getting more and more frustrated each day waiting for the USCIS to grant us favor. Our petition for Fiance visa was acknowledged the third week of February and then silence. What day is it today? Do the math and that will tell you why our angst is compounding by the day.”

It’s hard, really. When in your mind you think about your future state but you’re still stuck in the now. When every decision you make hinges on what you think life will look like thousands of miles from where you are currently situated but you can’t move an inch yet from where you’re standing.

“God is seldom early but He is never late,” is the title of the book I have edited last year. Dr Harold Sala, its author and my friend, has been credited with this statement about God’s timing. And this thought keeps me going. Yes, God is always impeccable with His timing. If He asks us to wait, there is always a greater reason why. His delays are not denials. It’s an invitation to embrace Him tighter and trust Him even more.

Whenever I ask God for the seemingly impossible, I remind Him of His track record. Of Him raising Lazarus from the dead when I pray about healing. Of Him multiplying loaves of bread and fish when I am ask for provision. Of Him forgiving the worst of sinners when I come to Him broken and weary. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is too hard for Him. The word impossible is not in Heaven’s dictionary.

I have made a commitment to God to trust and honor Him every step of the way. If this is Him polishing our character as we depend on Him for answers, so be it. I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel yet while the darkness of uncertainty is all around but a Pillar of Cloud is above this tunnel. He is with me even if I cannot see His hand at work.

In faith, I am thanking God for His answer even if it is but a blur. Today I am synchronizing my clock with His so I don’t think He is always late. With nothing but a knowledge of His character in my pocket, I will continue to believe that the God I worship is loving, powerful and sovereign. He is all these and so much more.

Maybe I should change my short, prepackaged answer to those who ask about my moving status to this:

“I don’t know yet but I know God loves me. And for now, maybe that’s all I need to know. ”

4 Responses to “Synchronizing my clock with His”
  1. jean says:

    Hi Ms. Alba. I’m a 3rd year nursing student. and i happen to choose your book: Ang batang ayaw maligo for our bibliotherapy 😦 I have a copy at home but then I’m currently at my dorm 😦 Do you happen to have a copy of the story 😦 I really need it tonight 😦 I went to 4 bookstores already and it’s out of stock 😦 I know how crazy this is but i’d really appreciate it 😦 Thank you so much. You can email it to me at

    • Beng Alba says:

      Hi Jean, I have a copy. If you can wait until tomorrow morning, you may pick it up from my office in Mandaluyong. I just saw your message. πŸ™‚ BTW, if I send you the text, do you need the Tagalog or English version?

  2. Hi, Beng. Read your engagement story via omflit’s fb link. Indeed, God makes all things beautiful in His perfect, unquestionable time. You are so blessed to have let “God write your love story”. Phil and I will be in prayer with you in your “synchronizing” process with God. Truly hard, but happily hang in there. In that every teeny trying tick of the timer, God is always with you. πŸ™‚

    Stay blessed and pretty!

    • Beng Alba says:

      Hi Ana! πŸ™‚ Wow, nice to have you visit my blog! πŸ™‚ Thank you for your kind words and offer to pray for us. Nice to see you, albeit online, and your growing family. You, too, are a blessing to me. I have seen, for a while, how the Lord has worked His wonders in your family. Your family is a safe haven for your kids, and is giving them a foretaste of God’s all-inclusive, unconditional love. Thank you and God bless you! Say Hi to Phil for me!

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