Cereal and rice for breakfast (and my post-honeymoon thoughts)

After a week of eating sandwiches, leftovers, and one time, ice cream, for breakfast at Hilton Head, this morning I was back to my first love: rice with Spam and scrambled egg. Right next to me was my husband, Daren, who devoured spoonful after spoonful of his Honey Nut Cheerios swimming in milk.

No tug of war happens between us during breakfast time. I do not have to listen to a litany of reasons why cereals are superior to everything else as the first meal of the day. I, on the other hand, need not force him to embrace the Filipino’s tremendous love for rice that it crosses all mealtimes. (In fact, where I come from, some people even eat rice as their afternoon “snack.” And yes, it’s socially acceptable to do that.)

– – – –

reading by the pool

After the wedding, we immediately headed off to our honeymoon where we spent a week watching movies, shooting hoops in the indoor pool, bathing in the sun, walking by the shore, reading books side by side with each other. The most important decisions we made then centered around where to eat for lunch or dinner. We were lazy and we felt zero guilt about it. Brilliant is how I would describe whoever first thought of the idea of couples going on a honeymoon after the wedding. For newlyweds, the initial days of discovering each other—in more ways than one—need not be rushed. Instead, like a gift, each day should be slowly unwrapped with a sweet and joyful excitement. There is no room for pressure; no checklist of what to do and not do. For a week or so, husband and wife should simply revel in each other’s presence.  The troubles of life can wait.

– – – –

Today marks my first day of finding the new normal (Normal way of life, that is). Daren woke up before 6:30 and headed straight to his office, conveniently located only a flight of stairs away.  I, too, am back to my home office. There are tons to do: Manuscripts to edit, stories to plot, emails to answer, thank-you cards to write, messages to answer. For the next several days, I know where to find me. For an introvert like me who loves quiet days, I will be in heaven.

I just heard the door open. Daren walked in with an armload of firewood to burn in his woodstove. The heater downstairs has been acting up and he has been laboriously trying to keep the house warm. Am I glad that I married a manly guy who doesn’t mind getting his muscles sore or his hands dirty!

– – – –

The first line written on the sender’s address for the photographer’s check reads “Beng Jones.”  With this new name, a whole new adventure awaits me as I face a more domesticated and less frenetic life.  There will be thoughts to process, words to write, lessons to learn. Hello to the new me.

2 Responses to “Cereal and rice for breakfast (and my post-honeymoon thoughts)”
  1. idaflutterby says:

    I envy you your quiet days. Hehe. Always nice to read a blog post from you and I’m glad you’re enjoying your first few days being a Missus 🙂 See you next year (hopefully)

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