The Whiny Prophet Who Always Said No

When I get to heaven, I will have all eternity to strike up conversations with famous Bible characters and ask them everything I’ve been wondering about since I first read their stories.

“Samson, before Delilah cut your hair in your sleep, how did you keep you hair healthy and strong?”

“Noah, what was the hardest part about building an ark?”

“Jonah, did you ever lose your appetite for fish after spending three days inside the belly of one?”

But then again, wanting to ask these questions prove that like some people, I can be guilty of overlooking the real story behind these legendary tales. For don’t you think that Samson was more than just his long hair; that Noah was able to do more than just build an ark; and what about Jonah? Is the point of his story simply to tell us that before the advent of submarines, one man had the privilege of “enjoying” a surprise three-day underwater accommodation with complimentary pick-up and drop-off services?

Jonah, whose heart was as wayward as his feet, ignored the divine GPS (aka God’s Plan of Salvation). The world knows him as that guy who tried to take a detour to Point B when told to go to Point A. But is the book in the Bible that bears his name only about him or is it about something much bigger than the huge creature of the sea that swallowed him?


A thousand and one is the number of times this story has been told. Go to any bookstore selling Bible-themed children’s books and you will probably find one with a man and a fish on its cover. So how does one tell a familiar story in a fresh way? In my third contribution to the Wow, God! series, you will meet this unbelievably whiny prophet who, like a toddler in the middle of an epic tantrum, won’t stop saying No. Discover what it took for Jonah to finally say Yes to God who directs where we should go and knows where we have been.  whiny big

To my partner in this retelling, artist Bon Bernardo, a whale of a big thanks to you. You breathed life to Jonah, the storm-battered ship, and the city of Nineveh. With your illustrations so vibrant, readers will probably be able to smell the saltwater and feel the scorching rays of the sun when they flip through the book’s glossy pages. Joanna Nicolas-Na, our editor, could not have chosen a better artist for this one. I appreciate your work. Salamat! 


PrintBon and I would love to sign your copies of our book on September 16, 1pm at SMX MOA during the Manila International Bookfair. No ticket? No problem. Just print the  OMFLit ticket to enter the MIBF area for free. For more details, click this link to the OMFLit website or drop by any of the OMFLit branches in Metro Manila.


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