Tears and thoughts at 4am

As the rains soften the cracked, dry soil, preparing it to nurture the life of vegetation again, so do tears powerfully affect the heart.


House Renovation

He has been standing behind a stone of meanness, hoping that it will keep him safe inside ┬áthe cold, dark cave of isolation he calls home. By turning people away with his mostly sarcastic and acerbic remarks, he hopes that they will eventually give up trying to see if there is any soft spot in … Continue reading

On the Edge

My day ended on an edgy note—literally! At around 9 pm tonight, for several minutes, I talked about what I love to do: write and edit books. It was a first for me to be interviewed over the internet radio, The Edge, and it was nerve-wracking and exhilarating at the same time. Joyce Burton-Titular, TV … Continue reading

three books, one Sunday

When I took my seat on the bus on my way home from church, I didn’t really realize how rusty and dilapidated that huge coffin on wheels was. Blame it on my giddiness. Make me excited about new books and I wouldn’t notice even if a genie from a lamp suddenly appeared and asked me … Continue reading