An open letter to Daren

We had an agreement, Daren. A few weeks ago, I asked that you need not send me any bouquet of flowers (like you usually do) for Valentines. Why? Because I requested that the money intended for its purchase be given to a worthwhile project instead (which you have already done). So I was pleasantly surprised … Continue reading

All about Eggs

I love hardboiled eggs. The intensity of the love I feel towards these pre-chicken pieces rival my not-so-secret fixation on the food of the gods (a.k.a. chocolates). There have been several instances when I would buy fresh eggs on my way to work (or tuck one or two pieces in my bag from home) and … Continue reading

I love Spam and other (non-essential) thoughts on a Tuesday night

Like many Filipinos, English is my second language. Big thanks to the Americans who aside from liberating us from the Japanese, greatly improved our life in many ways, the effect of which not limited to what happened decades ago. When I was young, all I thought they were good for was making available products like … Continue reading


Exclusive. That is one of the words a tabloid editor might use to refer to a story or a piece that only his publication can provide. Not found anywhere else. Read it here, and only here. I may not be working for any tabloid but I, too, am an editor. And right now let me … Continue reading