Boundless Engagement stories: Daren and Beng

This guy is probably the tallest man I have ever met! read my thought balloon. Daren stood up when he saw me enter the hotel lobby and then shook my hand. He flew thousands of miles, from the U.S. to the Philippines, to see me one November day in 2010. He wanted to meet me … Continue reading


It was somewhere between Alaska and Manila, last March 31, when I first learned that the world is (supposedly) going to end tomorrow. “I was looking at you since we were waiting to board and I felt God told me to give this to you,” an old woman told me. She, a Filipina, a grandmother … Continue reading

Earth to Venus

Yes, it’s unfortunate that we weren’t able to bag the Miss Universe crown this year when we were awfully close to cinching it. Sure, we think our candidate should’ve been wittier. She should’ve said something about failing in something, anything. (If that were me, I would’ve answered, “My greatest failure is Algebra. Next to that, … Continue reading

in bright yellow

When I was just starting to outgrow my love for jackstones and chinese garter, she came into power. All I remember about that time, the People Power Revolution, was that our classes were suspended. Was it one week? Two weeks? I’m not really sure. But even in my young mind then, I knew something big … Continue reading