Wiped out

Obliterated. Smashed to smithereens. Annihilated by invisible forces. It was mid-afternoon when I heard the grim prognosis. No, we cannot recover anything anymore. It’s gone, all gone. All the contents in my Drive C erased forever. And I only have the fluctuation of electricity to blame. (I use an AVR but apparently it wasn’t enough … Continue reading

Not buying it

All it took was just about ten minutes for me to seriously consider getting myself an iPod shuffle. I like it because it’s small and light enough to clip on my shirt so I can enjoy music while I jog. Two nights ago, I took a break from my walking/jogging in Boni High street and made … Continue reading

Feeling phony

For the past three days now, one gadget has occupied my mind: Phone, a new cellphone. The last time I lusted over a cellphone was a long time ago (When I was ready to buy it, I realized it was already phased out. I guess I waited too long. Note to self: Sometimes, patience is … Continue reading

Cluttered thoughts

Not many choices but 80% of the time, the food is good. I’m talking  about Tsoko.nut tucked in one corner of SM Makati. I had chorizong hubad (or was it called Arroz ala Cubana?) and their houseblend iced tea last night. I was nearly finished with my meal when Jen on  my left sat down … Continue reading