This Pinay voting from Uncle Sam’s land

While at the hotel reception desk in Makati during our recent weeklong visit from the US, a white guy made small talk with my husband, another white guy. The stranger said, “I’m happy to be flying out on Saturday. These foreigners are idiots.” It took an incredible amount of self-control for me not to grab … Continue reading

Five Random Things to Tell Americans about the Philippines

Every once in a while, Daren and I would listen to 80s music in the car. We’d have fun guessing the title and artist of the song and even sing together, never mind that we occasionally suffer from lyrics-iosis (a completely made-up disease affecting one’s ability to remember the right words to a song). Yesterday … Continue reading

Bibingkas and Sampaguitas

I see them often. With stringed, already-wilted sampaguitas dangling from their hands, young vendors approach me and salestalk me into buying a lei to contribute to their day’s revenue. It is, after all, past 9 pm already and they should be home. Most of the time, I would ask them where their parents are. Not … Continue reading

I love Spam and other (non-essential) thoughts on a Tuesday night

Like many Filipinos, English is my second language. Big thanks to the Americans who aside from liberating us from the Japanese, greatly improved our life in many ways, the effect of which not limited to what happened decades ago. When I was young, all I thought they were good for was making available products like … Continue reading