Five Potatoes

“Five,” she muttered while staring at the potatoes she held in her hands. How can we survive the coming winter? I doubt we’ll even make it through the week. The middle-aged woman who looked older than her years slumped in the creaky chair in her bare kitchen. Her fear of the future, like a thick, … Continue reading

Silent treatment from the USCIS

Knock, knock. Anybody home? It’s been almost 13 months since our I-129F application was acknowledged by the USCIS (the multi-step processing takes an average of six months). If they needed more information—evidence of relationship, legal or financial capacity to marry, anything—we would’ve gladly given it to them, no questions asked. Almost every day I get … Continue reading

Synchronizing my clock with His

“So when are you leaving for the US?” is the question I get asked the most often right now. For people who know that I am an engaged to a wonderful American, it’s just but natural for them to inquire. It has been, after all, more than a year since I was proposed to. More … Continue reading

Say hello to Sunny with a Chance of Rain

Writing, I’m sorry for neglecting you the past year. The posts in this blog—now sporting a new look and a new title—have been few and far between. Using fingers in one hand I can tell you what other preoccupations have pulled me away from wearing my blogger’s hat but I’ll save you the explanation. Nothing … Continue reading