Do You know how I feel? Do You see me whenever I shed a tear? Will You answer my prayer for another? Lord, will You please heal my sister? Advertisements

advice to self

Unschackle the chains you put on yourself Think of why you did it, was it of any help? What were you trying to prove by writing every day? That words are cheap and easily come your way? Now you’re thinking how much longer you could keep this up Do you continue beating the clock or … Continue reading

when words shouldn’t be like gold

beautiful, loving wordsare as preciousas a chest full of goldor an endless string of pearls but . . . the analogy of words and treasuresshould end with their worth. for words,unlike a chest full of goldor an endless string of pearls,should not be kept hiddenin a cold, impenetrable placewhere they areunseen,untouched,untold. so how could you … Continue reading

Trust God, my heart

Not all that glitters is goldNot everything flashy is worth our fancyFor all we know, its attraction is but momentaryWe should beware lest we miss out on the extraordinary If a woman could give herself only onceMay it be to the one who truly deserves the chanceShe must guard her affections, take her timeBefore she … Continue reading