Exclusive. That is one of the words a tabloid editor might use to refer to a story or a piece that only his publication can provide. Not found anywhere else. Read it here, and only here. I may not be working for any tabloid but I, too, am an editor. And right now let me … Continue reading

On robots, my life, and the future

Not all revelations come delivered in the hallowed halls of a church, or within the four corners of one’s room. God will do anything and everything to get through to us, in ways only He can do. As for me, He can tell me something using an animated character from Robots, a Pixar movie shown … Continue reading

Love: Then and Now

Of the 365 days in a year, this is the only day I am giving myself permission to be mushy. So please excuse me as I channel the aspiring Hallmark writer in me and pen these words: It’s not diamonds in a velvet box, tulips flown in from Holland, nor dinner at an expensive restaurant. … Continue reading

All dressed up

“I don’t need to be taken cared of, thank you.” The statement that ushered in this post was uttered by Jane, played by Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl, when she was face to face with Kevin/Malcolm, played by James Marsden. Last Thursday my friends and I trooped to Glorietta 4 cinema and watched 27 Dresses. The … Continue reading