No accidents

When another car hit the Ford Taurus I was in a week ago somewhere in Durham, NC, you have nothing else than the word “Accident” to describe it. A 30-ish African-American driver with a baseball cap rammed his vehicle through the side of the car, spinning it for a bit before it came to a … Continue reading


Before I boarded the bus that took me (and two others) to Baguio, I’ve already gotten the next 2 days away all figured out. Armed with my netbook plus two fully charged batteries (one of which lasts 7 hours) and its charger, I was anticipating to do some serious work (apart from what I came … Continue reading


Brealundi is a roadside eatery that serves BREAkfast, LUNch, and DInner (that name had to come from somewhere!). It was 9 in the morning on a Saturday and I and my companions were raring to have a meal. The waiter who attended to us was a skinny boy (I can’t believe he’s over 17. He … Continue reading


I and the rest of our company escaped the onset of Ondoy’s fury. For 3 days (but 4 days for me and the other members of the advance party) , we were marooned in Kabayan Resort in Batangas. It was time for our highly-anticipated annual retreat and outing. Let me introduce to you who I … Continue reading