Home for Christmas

Funny how this Christmas season is making me think about home. No, I am not a nomad whose tent is all tattered and torn from all the traveling in the scorching desert nor am I a migrant worker toiling in a foreign land. I am rooted in the soil where my ancestors walked—where the people … Continue reading

On robots, my life, and the future

Not all revelations come delivered in the hallowed halls of a church, or within the four corners of one’s room. God will do anything and everything to get through to us, in ways only He can do. As for me, He can tell me something using an animated character from Robots, a Pixar movie shown … Continue reading


Before I boarded the bus that took me (and two others) to Baguio, I’ve already gotten the next 2 days away all figured out. Armed with my netbook plus two fully charged batteries (one of which lasts 7 hours) and its charger, I was anticipating to do some serious work (apart from what I came … Continue reading


Not a coffee fan but there’s no other word to use but percolating. My thoughts, ideas, fears, hopes and everything else in between are percolating inside my head and only God knows when I will finally find the answer that I am waiting for. Wordless lately. Of the many words in the dictionary, I find … Continue reading