On writing and waiting

I regularly get calls from people who want us to publish their book. They must have been scanning a directory or googling “Publishers in the Philippines,” and our name, OMF Lit, comes up. Most of the people I talk to are eager to see their work in print. The first line to me usually goes, … Continue reading

Home for Christmas

Funny how this Christmas season is making me think about home. No, I am not a nomad whose tent is all tattered and torn from all the traveling in the scorching desert nor am I a migrant worker toiling in a foreign land. I am rooted in the soil where my ancestors walked—where the people … Continue reading


Before I boarded the bus that took me (and two others) to Baguio, I’ve already gotten the next 2 days away all figured out. Armed with my netbook plus two fully charged batteries (one of which lasts 7 hours) and its charger, I was anticipating to do some serious work (apart from what I came … Continue reading

Caring should be spelled with a “K”

If somebody, for whatever reason, hands me the kindest person award, I will immediately reject it. Why? Because there’s this lady I know who clearly deserves it so much more than I do (Actually, I know many kind people, men and women alike, but let me focus the spotlight on her this time. You’ll have … Continue reading