On writing and waiting

I regularly get calls from people who want us to publish their book. They must have been scanning a directory or googling “Publishers in the Philippines,” and our name, OMF Lit, comes up. Most of the people I talk to are eager to see their work in print. The first line to me usually goes, … Continue reading

Run for your life

My fling with running (well, more like brisk walking) has started again. Last Friday, I and three officemates drove to PhilSports arena to join the scores of joggers and fitness enthusiasts whose idea of a good time on a Friday night is sweating away stress. While skyping with Daren tonight and telling him about our … Continue reading

Silent treatment from the USCIS

Knock, knock. Anybody home? It’s been almost 13 months since our I-129F application was acknowledged by the USCIS (the multi-step processing takes an average of six months). If they needed more information—evidence of relationship, legal or financial capacity to marry, anything—we would’ve gladly given it to them, no questions asked. Almost every day I get … Continue reading

An open letter to Daren

We had an agreement, Daren. A few weeks ago, I asked that you need not send me any bouquet of flowers (like you usually do) for Valentines. Why? Because I requested that the money intended for its purchase be given to a worthwhile project instead (which you have already done). So I was pleasantly surprised … Continue reading